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Videos Related to DINFOS People

Armed Forces Information Service
  • AFIS
    American Forces Information Service produces news, feature articles, and TV reports on all aspects of military life. These products focus on what senior defense leaders are saying on all aspects of military life. News and feature articles are uploaded throughout the day, seven days a week. TV news reports are available daily on the Web and are broadcast on the Pentagon Channel.

The Best DINFOS-related nostalgia and veteran reuniting site

Air Force Links

Ft. Benjamin Harrison

Defense Visual Information Center
  • DVIC home page
    The Defense Visual Information Center (DVIC) was established in 1994 as the result of the consolidation of the Air Force Aerospace Audiovisual Service (AAVS) and the Navy's Still Records Media Center, Anacostia (SMRC).

    Located on March Air Reserve Base in Moreno Valley, California, the DVIC is a government-owned and contractor-operated facility, occupying a modern state-of-the-art building featuring an electronic imaging center, a climate controlled automated storage and retrieval system, and a video duplication center.

    DVIC is the official records center for the storage and preservation of visual information (VI) records of the U.S. military. Our holdings include motion picture film, videotape, still photography, and CD-ROM stock photo collections for use by Department of Defense (DoD) customers in support of mission requirements. Most of our imagery is made available to the public on a cost-recovery fee basis.

    DVIC is a division of the American Forces Information Service (AFIS), which is a field activity of the Secretary of Defense. The DVIC reports to the Director, Defense Visual Information (AFIS/DVI).
  • Internet Movie Database Listing

Listservers via Google
  • bit.listserv.nppa-l
    NPPA-L: National News Photographers Association List Title: NPPA-L: National News Photographers Association List Description: NPPA-L is designed to provide one central electronic meeting place where visual communicators (print and electronic) -- news photographers, photo editors, systems editors, graphics editors, freelancers, page designers, journalism educators, students, etc -- can freely discuss topics of professional interest. Others interested in this field are welcome to monitor or join in the dialogue. List Owner or Contact: Elliott Parker, 3zlufur@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu To subscribe to this list, send e-mail to LISTSERV@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu; in the body of the message, type SUBSCRIBE NPPA-L followed by your real name. For example, SUBSCRIBE NPPA-L Jane Q. User. To unsubscribe from this list, send the command UNSUBSCRIBE NPPA-L in e-mail to LISTSERV@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu Send all other list-related commands to LISTSERV@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu. For assistance, send the command HELP. Send all articles to NPPA-L@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu. It is possible to receive the contents of this list as a "digest", a periodic collection of articles from the list traffic. You should receive instructions on how to receive the list digest when you subscribe. If not, you should send a politely-worded inquiry to the list contact. This mailing list is echoed to the USENET newsgroup, bit.listserv.nppa-l. You may find that participating in the list by reading it with the America Online USENET Newsgroups reader will be a more rewarding experience than participating over e-mail. To participate over USENET, use keyword NEWSGROUPS to go to the America Online USENET Newsgroups reader. Then click on the "Expert Add" button and supply the newsgroup name (news:bit.listserv.nppa-l) when asked.
  • us.military.army
  • soc.veterans
  • alt.news-media

Links Compiled Elsewhere

Journalism and Research Resources
  • Journalism and Research Resources
    The Journalism and Research Resources webring focuses on gathering the hundreds of thousands of bookmarks posted on the websites of professional journalists, researchers, government agencies, news agencies, and others. Research sites, sources, employment news, industry gossip, news, publications, writing links, and occasionally some fun stuff.
  • The Free Dictionary
  • Military Reporters and Editors Association
    The Association exists to advance public understanding of the military, national security and homeland defense; to educate and share information with its members and the public on best practices, tools and techniques for such coverage; to represent the interests of working journalists to the government and military; and to assure that journalists have access to places where the U.S. military and its allies operate.

  • ( First, Read ArmyAirForces.com Warning concerning the above link: http://www.armyairforces.com/scheme.html )

    Discussion forum on military, war, veteran books. Announcements on new books. Researchers, scholars, authors and readers engage exchange thoughts.
  • Army Air Forces.com Links
  • dmoz.org directory of J organizations

Careers - Employment

Internet Shopping

  • Click here for your favorite eBay items


DINFOS current home page
  • DINFOS, Itself
    The Defense Information School has a long-standing tradition of producing outstanding Public Affairs and Visual Information personnel for the U.S. Department of Defense. It is a field activity of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs).
  • Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
    The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) is the principal staff advisor and assistant to the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense for public information, internal information, community relations, information training, and audiovisual matters. Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) follows the Secretary's Principles of Information in providing defense department information to the public, the Congress and the media.

  • PodcastingNews.com Military Podcast Directory
  • Links to more than 60 military podcasts
    PodcastAlley.com search result for "military" podcasts
  • Podcast.net Military Podcast Directory
  • PentagonChannel
    Around the Services in Brief (Audio and Video)
    From the Pentagon Channel NewsCenter - A 5-minute version of Around The Services reduced in size for headline updates.
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    ATS Reloaded (Audio and Video)
    ATS-Reloaded re-visits the best of the week...and keeps you up-to-date on information that's important to you. We'll also share with you stories that have touched servicemembers stationed around the world.
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    Recon (Video)
    An original Pentagon Channel series, Recon is a monthly half-hour informational television program providing an in-depth look on a variety of topics from real world operations, missions, military events / history and other subjects highlighting the accomplishments of U.S. military men and women.
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    AFPS (Audio)
    Daily Update from the American Forces Press Service.
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    Briefings (Audio and Video)
    Predominately features briefings from the DoD briefing studio on a wide range of topics, spanning individual services, combatant commands and other issues. Also includes weekly and daily briefings from Iraq as needed.
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    Rucksacks and Rations (Audio)
    A weekly audio program from the Pentagon Channel featuring stories and interviews about our service members stationed around the globe. From Afghanistan and Iraq to hometowns throughout the United States, Rucksacks and Rations brings you closer to troops downrange and families at home.
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    Freedom Journal Iraq (Video)
    A daily news program produced by American Forces Network Iraq. The program focuses on military missions, operations and U.S. military forces in Iraq.
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  • Air Force Podcast
  • Edwards Air Force Base Podcast
  • Military.com
  • Warcast for Catholics
    Warcast for Catholics is a podcast dedicated to a discussion of war and peace in the Catholic tradition. Soldiers who are Catholic and soldiers who are not Catholic, soldiers both in the Iraq War and soldiers not at war, all will find useful information about the history of military life in the Church, conscientious objection, and much more. We will interview Iraq War vets and others. Anti-war activists and ordinary Catholics will also learn much. The podcast is not judgmental and always respectful of soldiers.
  • A Portrait of Stars & Stripes

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service
    AFRTS is the American Forces Radio and Television Service. It is part of the Department of Defense, and is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. The AFRTS mission is to communicate Department of Defense policies, priorities, programs, goals and initiatives. AFRTS provides stateside radio and television programming, "a touch of home," to U.S. service men and women, DoD civilians, and their families serving outside the continental United States. AFRTS includes the Radio and Television Production Office (RTPO), The Pentagon Channel NewsCenter, and the Defense Media Center.

  • AFRTS Starship
    Focused on Armed Forces Network alumni. Includes news of an AFN 2009 reunion in Baltimore.

Navy/Marine Corps Links
  • Navy/Marine Corps Video News
    The flagship weekly television news and information program of the Navy and Marine Corps for more than 19 years, Navy/Marine Corps News is distributed via satellite and videotape to all Navy and Marine Corps units worldwide. In addition, more than 320 commercial cable outlets broadcast the show, giving it a huge shadow audience of family members, Reservists, retirees and civilians with an interest in the U.S. Navy. Its target audience is the 18-24 year-old, first-term enlisted Sailor and Marine. In 2001, the Department of Defense recognized Navy/Marine Corps News as the top DoD television news program.
  • Naval Media Center
  • All Hands Magazine
    Magazine of the U.S. Navy

    The first "issue" of All Hands was printed as the Bureau of Navigation News Bulletin No. 1 (dated Aug. 30, 1922). Twenty years later, the title was changed to Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin. As America claimed "Victory in Europe" on the cover of June 1945, the magazine's new banner read, All Hands, and the name stuck.

    We believe it's important to make the Navy's history, as documented in All Hands, accessible to everyone. In January 2003, we completed a two-year project to archive every back issue (more than 80 years worth) in Adobe Acrobat® format.
  • Navy Newsstand
  • Captain's Call Kit Listing
  • The Sub Report
  • The United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association
  • Leatherneck Magazine

Army Links

United States Coast Guard
  • United States Coast Guard
    Official site of the USCG - "Semper Paratus"
  • Dept. of Homeland Security
    Parent of the United States Coast Guard
  • Retiree Council and Chapters
    Point of contact
  • Fred's Place
    Fred's Place was established by CWO4(COMM) Fred Siegel, USCG (Ret) in April, 1995 and has been in continous operation ever since.

    From our humble beginnings in early 1995, Fred's Place grew from it's original two members to nearly 20,000 by early 1999. In February, 1999, Fred's Place joined with Military.com. Together, Military.com and Fred's Place has established an online Coastie Community second to none.

    Fred's Place is dedicated to all "Coasties", Active, Retired, Reserve, Auxiliary, Veterans, SPARS, our Civilian co-workers and the Friends and Family of Coasties everywhere.

    Fred's Place doesn't really have "members", we have a crew that today numbers 44255 . It's the crew that has pitched in and helped as we have grown. Today nearly a hundred crew members moderate the Reunion Hall Tables. The "staff" consist of three.

    Fred Siegel, Site Manager of Fred's Place, Barb Chiles, our News Editor, and Rob Rodriguez our Links Editor (including our Coastie Links).

Military on Television
  • America's Defense Monitor
    From 1987 until 2000, the weekly television series America's Defense Monitor was broadcast on about 65 PBS and cable stations across the United States. In thirteen seasons, the series presented critical information on the military's impact on the political system, the economy,the environment, and society as a whole. Other topics include foreign policy, international affairs, armed intervention, and nuclear and conventional weapons. Individual episodes of America's Defense Monitor have recieved awards in major film competitions.


Military Search Engines

Social Networking

Internet Services
  • This website's web hosting service
    The banner below connects to the internet hosting service for this site. The service offers a good price, good telephone and online support and creating webpages is easy to do online, with a great variety of pre-installed designs. I recommend it. -- Webmaster@DINFOS.net

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