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Index of E-Networking Sites

Places to interact with other DINFOS people online.

MySpace.com is the most active site for DINFOS individuals, groups and bloggers.

One way that Xanga is better than MySpace is the complete blog entry that is emailed to you when you are subscribed to a friend's web log. You don't just get a link.


Now open to people outside of educational institutions.



Premier professional networking site. 7.5 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 130 industries.

Orkut.com: The site run by Google.

Vox.com / LiveJournal.com
Vox.com: The newest site here. By the people who brought LiveJournal.com.

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TubesNow.com TubesNow.com

Tubes is a revolutionary PC+web application designed to let you create instant personal sharing networks of friends, family, classmates, colleagues, or your own devices. Tubes lets you instantly share photos, music, video and documents with everyone you know and have them share their stuff with you through the same tube. With online backup and automatic syncing capabilities, Tubes is an effortless way to share, access and experience digital content across all your devices with all your communities.

  Networking is cultivating relationships and investing regular time and effort, establishing and maintaining career-related contacts.

Specific, what does networking look like?
  * It's talking with people to gather information, seek advice, expand awareness, and generate referrals.

* Networking can be done face-to-face, by phone, by letter, and via email and electronic bulletin boards, but personal meetings are most effective.

* Networking can be as simple as slowing down a bit during the day to pop your head in a colleague's office to inquire how they are doing and/or to ask what's happening.

* Networking is a two-way street. It is serving as a resource for others, as well as asking others to serve as a resource for you.

* To be effective at networking, you need to know when to ask others for help and be comfortable doing so.

Why is networking important?
  * Networking can establish contact with people who might ultimately lead you to a job opportunity. Experts report that only 20% of all jobs are advertised in the classifieds. Networking can lead to the other 80%! But networking goes beyond actual job leads.

* Through networking you can learn the jargon of a particular occupational field. It can be invaluable to know the "words."

* You can identify role models or mentors to guide your professional development.

* Gain feedback on your qualifications and resume.

* Learn about unfamiliar geographic region or city.

* Obtain support and encouragement from others who share your interests.

Who Should be in My Network?
  The list can be almost endless depending upon you and your situations. Some groups to consider are:

* Current and former co-workers.

* Classmates and alumnus of schools/universities you attended.

* Members of social/religious/recreational groups to which you belong.

* Family, friends, and neighbors.

* Start an Electronic Network or Online Networking, after all, the Internet is the biggest network in the world.

* Network with those you meet at job fairs.

How do you network?
  * Know what you need and clearly state it.

* Seek advice, information or feedback rather than answers, solutions or jobs.

* Ask only for what a person can comfortable give you.

* Avoid asking for information you can obtain through personal research.

* Expect to give as much as you get.


What's the Etiquette of Networking?
  * Meet at the convenience of your contact.

* Be clear about your objectives.

* Write a follow-up thank you note.

Effective networking: how to overcome the five stumbling blocks to success.(Marketing): An article from: Detroiter

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