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Maj. McClung Honored With Memorial Charity Run
PAO and Iraq war casualty Major Megan McClung was honored by a charity run at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island on Sept. 15.

Photo Credit: MC2 Tucker Yates

Slovak Minister Named DINFOS' 1st Distinguished International Fellow
The Slovak Minister of Defense, Frantisek Kasicky, a 2001 graduate of the Public Affairs Officer Qualification Course, was named the first Defense Information School Distinguished International Fellow Sept 6.

International students who reach the highest levels in their militaries or governments are eligible for the honor.

Combat Artists Named</br>''Person of the Week'' Combat Artists Named
''Person of the Week''

Marines Capt. Charles Grow, CWO2 Michael Fay, Sgt Kristopher Battles and Col. Waterhouse illustrate the role of combat artists in interviews broadcast in the ABC news September 7 segment of "Person of the Week."

National Museum of the Marine Corps

Capt Charles Grow is
deputy director of the
National Museum
of the Marine Corps

Michael Fay

CWO Michael Fay, pictured, above:
Click for his blog ''Fire and Ice.''

Sgt Kristopher Battles, pictured left with paintbrush:
Click for his blog ''Sketchpad Warrior.''

Charles Waterhouse
Col Charles Waterhouse, pictured, in black and white.
Click for his historical museum that covers ''American history as portrayed by the artist.''

DINFOS' Deputy Commandant in the Public Affairs Leadership Division Deploying to Camp Arifjan in Kuwait
Lt. Col. Ken Plowman.'' , U.S. Army reservist and Deputy Commandant in the Public Affairs Leadership Division at DINFOS deploying to Camp Arifjan in Kuwait.

Left, Ken Plowman packing up his professor's office at Brigham Young University (Photo by Stephanie Rhodes)

Pfc. Kyle's Sept. 7 Marriage to Lauren Ashley Brown Announced
Current broadcasting student, Pfc. Robert Logan Kyle, to wed Lauren Ashley Brown on September 7.

Robert Logan Kyle with fiancee Lauren

Michael Gauldin Named Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Geological Survey
Mid-1970s U.S. Army journalist, Michael G. Gauldin, was named United States Geological Survey public affairs officer.


AFVN Reunion Announced for May 1, 2008 in Dayton

AFN Reunion Set For 2009
AFRTS Starship reports news of an AFN 2009 reunion in Baltimore.



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