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    | Dec 2006 Major Megan McClung Killed in Iraq; PAO Riggle Stars on Comedy Central's Daily Show: FEN Broadcaster Chuck McCormick Dies
    | November 2006 Bruce Cobbeldick, 43, is running for the Ohio State Senate in District 24
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Can you recall these people
From the Defense Information School (DINFOS)?

    | BJC 7-84 Class Roster and Pictures, Final Comprehensive Group Projects of the 7th Basic Journalism Course of 1984
    | BJC 9-84 Class Roster and Pictures, Final Comprehensive Group Projects of the 9th Basic Journalism Course of 1984
    | BJC 10-84 Class Roster and Pictures, Final Comprehensive Group Projects of the 10th Basic Journalism Course of 1984
    | BJC 3-88 James A Yocum & Instructor till 1999 Also, at Ft Ritchie Fort Hood Fort Carson, CO, as NCOIC of Public Affairs. In 2002, Frankfurt, Germany, the Operations NCO for American Forces Network Europe
    | BJC 3-95 Will To Exit Blog Trevor, Shane, Sgt. James “Rocket” Sherrill, Jeff Lowry
    | BJC 01-98 Vick Viggler Chicago, Illinois' Metal band Bass-player for Tremulus
    | BJC 8-98 Sgt. C T Lopez
    | BJC 050-00 maestisa
    | BJC 060-00 Nashville, Tennessee's Pisces Todd Pruden who hates Owensboro www.dinfos.net
    | Sgt. Charles Moore - An Exceptionally Well-Liked, Effective Defense Information School Instructor CharlieMoore.DINFOS.net
    | BPAS-W 030-04 mummblyjoe182
    | BPAS-W 060-04
mummblyjoe182 & randwulf922

    | BPAS-W 080-04 KaRonda's class
    | BPAS-B 080-04 Jessica Lauren Miller's class
    | BPAS-W 090-04 JoAnn Kleinsmith of Fallbrook, California on MySpace.com www.dinfos.net
    | BPAS 030-05 Leechburg, Pennsylvania's Jason Venturini
    | BBC 7-84
    | BBC 6-88 (March 22, 1988 - Graduation Class - June 14, 1988)
    | BBC 4-94 From Yahoo! Group's Navy Jouralist Forum Page by JO1AStrickland
    | VPD 030-05 Video Production Design by the 30th class of 2005 at the Defense Information School (DINFOS) dinfos.net
    | S.I.T.E. CCTV: Navy Onboard Closed-circuit Television Station Training Course For Sailors Assigned to Smaller Ship Shipboard Duty
    | EJ AFTV
    | AFRTS.osd.mil: Armed Forces Radio and Television Service Home Page
    | EDC 070-05 Nashville, Tennessee's Pisces Todd Pruden who hates Owensboro www.dinfos.net
    | PAOC 4-84
    | PAOC 2-92 Yokota Air Base and Prejudice (Japanese Page from Japan) www.dinfos.net
    | Summer 2007 class for public affairs officers gathering at FaceBook.com including Lara Bollinger, Lt. Col Sun, Kimberly Stephens, Kristin Dalton, Chris Hoyler, Joe Scrocca, Florea Carol Sabin, Matt Julie Gill, Murat Sarigozmen, Noelle Caldwell, Dave Rosner, Dan Meyers, Dayna Rowden, James Brindle, Richard Osburn, Karen Nuccitelli, Lisa Lawrence, Kimberly Stephens, Ashley Wagner Foughty, Suzanna Brugler, Becky Heyse, Kevin Skindell, Chris Hoyler, Josh Aycock, Stewart Coles,
    | BMC 1-83 Photography by Photographer kpbsjon / Jon
    | DINFOS Chess Playing Wood Pushers: The Royal Game is one of the first war games. Since this website host loves the game, this place is carved out for other's like me.
    | DINFOS.net Host: The Lithuanian-American Backgammon and Chess-playing Chicagoan Vito Vitkauskas Who Put This "We're Better Together" Site
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